A musician & a photographer have set up a studio at ‘La Tramontane Refugee Center’ in Marcinelle. A music studio for music, recordings and lessons… a moment away from the crowded refugee center. A photo studio to photograph and portray the residents. Also printing these pictures as a gift, for them to have their picture as a moment of acknowledgement and dignity. Image and music as universal language, to give refugees a face and a voice, in dialogue. As recognition of the other and denial of transience. ​​​​​​​
Thanks to all the residents and employees at La Tramontane.

This project will be continued in other Refugee Centers in Belgium...

Correspondentia / Lavinia Wouters & Steve Dhoore

De creatie is een collectieve inspanning. Kunst wordt een gezamenlijke daad, deel van een wederkerige dialoog.”
(Ubuntu – Mogobe Ramose)

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