Fedasil Refugee Center for unaccompanied minors in Belgium

Workshop Isabel Vanassche with textiles 

Photography Lavinia Wouters
This project aims to highlight the individuality and humanity of unaccompanied minor refugees who have arrived in Belgium, each with a unique story. Balancing between the right to privacy and the desire to tell these stories, we use the media of art crafts & photography. Faced with the limitations of portrait rights and the need to protect the identity of these young people, the art of mask making serves as a symbolic bridge between anonymity and recognition. Through collaborative workshops, the young people create masks that simultaneously serve as a shield and canvas, an artistic expression of their identity or just for having a moment of fun.




A musician & a photographer set up a Studio at Refugee Centers in Belgium. A music studio for recordings and music lessons… a moment away from the crowded refugee center. A photo studio to photograph and portray the residents. Also printing these pictures as a gift, for them to have their picture as a moment of acknowledgement and dignity. Image and music as universal language, to give refugees a face and a voice, in dialogue. As recognition of the other and denial of transience. ​​​​​​​

This moment the Correspondentia Studio is located at Fedasil Steenokkerzeel, a center for unaccompanied minors. We collaborate with artists in art crafts to offer workshops with these youngsters, like mask making in cardboards or textiles, collages and Cyanotypes...
Ubuntu (Mogobe Ramose)

Music and Photography form the basis for entering into dialogue with refugees. Creating in dialogue, together. This project wants to reflect on migration and how we can deal with it in a more humane way. Claiming space for human perception and understanding. 

“De creatie is een collectieve inspanning. Kunst wordt een gezamenlijke daad, deel van een wederkerige dialoog.”